Is there a "magic" formula to cutting tight miter joints?
Where can I buy a small brass square like David's?
Where can I get metalized acid dyes?
Where can I get Potassium Dichromate?
What is the mix ratio for the Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, and Urethane?
Where can I get the Slow-Setting Plastic Resin Glue you often use?
Where can I get exotic woods?
How can I contact the wood suppliers Evan Shively and Mount Storm?
Should I stack my wood vertically or horizontally?
Can you provide some information on your table saw / router setup?
Where can I get the Carbide Ball Mill you use?
Do you teach classes?
Where can I get glue rollers like the ones you use?
Where can I get Anti Kick-Back Rollers for the Table Saw?
Where can I get Figure-8 Metal Fasteners like you use?
Where can I get a Pattern Maker's Rasp?
Where can I get Flush Trim Router Bits?
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