From David: Hello fellow woodworkers! My goal is to provide, small, accessible classes to fellow woodworkers, and to have the opportunity to engage in an open dialogue about woodworking.

Registration/Payment: If you'd like to sign up for a class please print this registration form, complete it and mail with your class deposit, or use the shopping cart buttons if you plan to pay with credit card or PayPal. If paying online, please note that on the form when you send it. Note, the button is only for 50% of the class. If you wish to pay all of the class in one payment, please change your quantity to "2" during checkout.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: If the student cancels we will refund the full deposit if the cancellation is received in writing four weeks prior to the class date. Later cancellations and "no shows" will not receive a refund. Full refunds will be given if we need to cancel a class.

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Private Classes: David offers private classes which provide one-on-one instruction. The advantage of the private class is that it is completely tailored to suit your individual skill level, interests, and needs. In addition, there is more flexibility in scheduling dates for one-on-one class sessions which can range from one day to five days. You can pick any subject or subjects to focus on, such as bandsawn veneers, bentwood lamination, wood turning, dovetails, double-bevel marquetry, sharpening hand tools, wood carving, gold leafing, patinas on metal, working with the vacuum press, working with commercial veneers, fixing mistakes, design elements, etc. The class takes place in David’s workshop/studio in which he taped the television show "Woodworks", and also includes a tour of his home in which he has many of the pieces he made on "Woodworks".

Please email us at to ask about private classes.

Group Classes: Group Classes: Each class will have 3 - 10 students and will be held in David's Workshop/Studio in Santa Rosa, California.

Store/Association Classes: David travels occassionally teaching classes at Woodcraft stores, associations and other teaching centers. Details on his schedule for these is listed below as well.

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Classes In David's Studio

SHELL INLAY HANDS-ON, Taught by World-Renowned Master Artist Larry Robinson

Spring Class: May 3 - 4, 2014
Winter Class: December 6 - 7, 2014

Class Size: 10 students $700.00 - All materials included.
Skill Level: Beginning - Intermediate

Spring: May 3 - 4, 2014

50% Payment

Winter: December 6 - 7, 2014

50% Payment

This 2-day hands-on class will cover all aspects of the inlay process, from composition and design, material selection and cutting, through routing, leveling, and engraving details. Students will be working with a complete set of up to date tools, and all materials used in the inlay will be provided. Students will, during the length of the course, complete their own inlay utilizing all the different processes they will be likely to deal with in the majority of any future inlay piece. A list of shell and tool suppliers will be available, and various examples of Larry's own inlays will be on hand.

You can read Larry's bio here and see more examples of his work on his website


Class Size 5 – 12 Students $585.00 - All materials included.
Skill Level: Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced

50% Payment

David has expanded this class to 3 days to provide more time to go over the gilding and patina processes. Even if you have taken this class previously, this newly expanded class will include the use of frisket and other techniques to expand your capabilities.

The processes that you will learn can be applied to any surface that will accept paint. These include wood, metal, paper, ceramics, glass, even plastics. So no matter if you are a jeweler, ceramicist, sculptor, blacksmith, woodworker or woodturner, you will take home some very creative and innovative techniques to enhance your work and increase your marketability.

This is a hands-on class where all students will receive six sample boards that they will gild with copper, silver, and composition gold leaf. On the first day students will work with the traditional oil size method of gilding. We will also explore creative gilding techniques, such as the Japanese Notan method, of balancing positive and negative spaces. On the second and third days, David will introduce students to the process of chemical patination. He will demonstrate various cold patina processes that students will learn working safely with mild acids. These techniques are very comprehensive and not just limited to woodworkers. Students will also learn how to finish their sample boards with shellac and lacquer. Once the pieces have been coated with lacquer, students will learn how to apply additional layers of mica powders and dyes that will be bonded between coats of lacquer. The subsequent outcome reveals a rich, multi-layer surface.

Click here to see pictures from previous Gilding & Chemical Patination classes.

August 7 - 11, 2014 FINISHING CLASS, 5-DAY HANDS-ON

Class Size: 3 – 10 students $875.00 - All materials included
Skill Level: Beginning - Intermediate

50% Payment

This exciting hands-on finishing class will cover a wide variety of topics. Students will be supplied with sample boards to work on made from quartersawn white oak, maple, walnut, and mahogany as well as cherry, purpleheart, and yellowheart. We will cover surface preparation which includes scraping and sanding. Also, the class will cover a wide variety of ways to color the wood, including water based metalized dyes, oil based stains, chemical treatments such as bleaching the wood, various other chemicals, and 27% aqua ammonia for fuming which is particularly relevant to the Arts & Crafts style of furniture. After coloring the wood, David will cover various ways to finish the wood to bring out the depth and beauty, as well as to protect the surface. Finishes that David will cover in class include: shellac, various oils, as well as lacquers and polyurethanes. For those that have seen Woodworks, David will cover in depth his technique for applying hand rubbed oil finishes which are also known as wiping varnishes.


Class Size: 3 - 10 students $875.00 - All materials included.
Skill Level: Beginning to Intermediate

50% Payment

This is a great class for beginning to intermediate Woodturners who want to learn how to turn beautiful bowls out of wood. David will begin with sharpening techniques, teaching students correct bevel angles. Everyone will learn how to safely mount stock on the lathe in face grain orientation which is the most universal grain orientation for bowls. Students will be using bowl gouges, scrapers, parting tools, point tools, shear scrapers, as well as traditional gouges. In addition, David will be teaching design elements. Form is the most important thing in woodturning, so it is important to develop a good foundation of how to create forms that are pleasing to the eye. Students will practice on green wood first which will be easier to turn and then progress on to dry wood so that they can take home a finished bowl.

October 17 - 19, 2014 CURVED JOINERY, 3-DAY HANDS-ON

Class Size: 3 – 10 students $750.00 - All materials included.
Skill Level: Beginning - Intermediate

50% Payment

This class will teach you how to literally think outside the box! The majority of woodworking is dedicated to flat planes. Think about cabinets and furniture, most designs are some form of a box whether it is square or rectangular. Once you learn the techniques of joining wood on a curved plane, you will have greatly expanded your design vocabulary.

In this hands-on class, you will learn how to cut complementary curves in wood and join them with a perfect fit. The most efficient tool to achieve this is the router. This class will teach you how to make perfect router templates that will accommodate just about any type of joinery you need to accomplish. In addition, David will demonstrate an unique technique for joining staves to create curves.

November 7 - 9, 2014 MARQUETRY & INLAY, 3-DAY HANDS-ON

Class Size: 3 – 10 students $750.00 - All materials included.
Skill Level: Beginning - Intermediate

50% Payment

In this hands-on class David will teach the challenging and artistic world of inlay. He will explore several different methods of creating one of a kind inlays that will enhance your work and take it to the next level. David will show you how to do free hand inlay, router template inlay, double bevel marquetry (which is a veneering technique as opposed to an inlay technique), and colored epoxy inlay. He will show students how to do repeatable inlays by teaching you how to design and make your own templates. In addition, David will show students a unique technique using various non ferrous metals, copper, brass, and aluminum, combined with various dyes mixed in epoxy.

Click here to see pictures from David’s previous Marquetry & Inlay class.

Click here to see video highlights of David’s 2011 Marquetry & Inlay class.

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