WoodWorks Seasons 1 thru 7 DVDs Special Bundled Pricing Package: 30% Off when you buy all 7!



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With this special bundled pricing package, you can purchase all 7 Seasons of WoodWorks DVDs at 30% off for $342.95!!!! At $69.99 per each full Season DVD, that is a savings of $147 when you purchase all 7 Seasons!!!



WoodWorks Season 1 DVD Highlights:

Resawing on the bandsaw
Constructing frames & panels
Cutting dovetail joinery
Cutting mortises & tenons
Making bentwood lamination
Sculpting a bench seat

WoodWorks Season 2 DVD Highlights:

Shaping Legs with bandsaw & hand tools
Four way book matching burl veneers
Making drawers with reinforced wood pins
Working with commercial veneers
Creating mitered corners with splines
Cutting bridle joints

WoodWorks Season 3 DVD Highlights:

Cutting compound miters for base
Creating patina finish for copper bases
Designing and making a decorative inlay
Shaping a solid wood block into a faceted top-piece
Cutting dovetail pins and tails on the bandsaw
Sculpting curves with a die-grinder and hand tools

WoodWorks Season 4 DVD Highlights:

Tuning up the band saw
Jointing edges on commercial veneers
Constructing drawers using a locking rabbet joint
Sculpting and carving an elliptical mirror frame
Enriching your designs with wood grain and texture
Cutting finger joints using a jig

WoodWorks Season 5 DVD Highlights:

Using the vacuum press
Making a bending form
Creating a chair template
Cutting double bevel marquetry
Learning the art of coopering
Bandsawing curved laminations

WoodWorks Season 6 DVD Highlights:

Learning to lay out your own unique dovetail pattern
Turning a walnut bowl
Learning key points of hand planning
Flattening warped commercial veneers
Turning a hollow vessel
Gilding with silver leaf & applying a patina finish

WoodWorks Season 7 DVD Highlights:

Learning how to hand carve & sculpt wood
Creating a butterfly inlay
Laminating rim of bowl with Gabon ebony
Rare interviews with Art Carpenter & James Krenov
Laying out patterns for bandsawn veneer
Bandsawing angled curves


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